Friday, July 25, 2008


i knew 
i should have
called to see if they
were still open.
i just had a hunch.

cause after psyching
them up for that
fun kids entertainment club
with the clowns
and the rides
and the balls
and the food,
it's not cool when you show up
and they're closed down.

and then you've got to
settle for that
boring pizza place
next door,
where balloons are the only fun
they can offer.

i hate it 
when disneyland burns down.


Becky Cox said...

deep thoughts, by Jack Handy.
classic shot of the slumped shoulders and bummed out body posture.

LKC said...

It reminds me of Chevy Chase's "Vacation" where they drive all the way to Wally World and it's closed. He pretty much loses it. I would too.

d/b/c/m said...

sorry that that's so funny to me. but that picture of them looking in the window is just classic! poor things.

Melissa said...

the pic of them with their little faces and hands pressed against the window is too funny. and then to throw out "i hate it when disneyland burns down" i was rolling.

Shannon said...

sad day for little ones. I love memories of reading deep thoughts togther and just cracking up. I remember you would put them on your answering machine in college...wonder how that would go over now. My husband would do it if I'd let him. He will randomly quote them and people who aren't familiar with them look at him like he is insane, and I always have to jump in and clarify... hmmm. No wonder you two get along.

Justin said...

jen, that was so funny! justin and i laughed so hard at the pic of the girlies pressed against the window! we've had that happen so many times. i hate it when you tell them that they are going to get to go somewhere fun and then it just doesn't work out. luke get's so upset. (i should just learn to shut my mouth!) too cute!