Wednesday, July 16, 2008


moving around those
oven racks
solved two mysteries.

1. what that burning smell
has been the last
few things i've baked.

2. where the heck
that road atlas went.

slated for this evening's activities:

1. lecture about opening
the oven door.

2. prayers of thanks for a house
that is still standing.


Mindi said...

my first thought: how did you not see that until now?

second thought: who would think something like that would be in there?!

yes, something to be thankful for. glad you were watched over. good luck with your little talk.

Susan said...

That Milla!!!

christine said...

sorry, i know you are lucky to be alive, but i can't help laughing. that is so funny!

Amy Asay said...

holy crap! you'll forever be very aware of what's in your oven, huh (and I will too actually!).

OnGod'sErrand said...

I'm sure she was trying to clean up the house a little bit. Don't be too harsh.

Shannon said...

OH MY! That's a good one...