Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st step

mounds of paperwork
months of running here
running there
a passport full of russian visas
63 headaches
a truckload of red tape
black fingertips

and i left this
jewel of a passport office
wiping my brow
with a stamp in my passport
making official
my first step in getting that
russian green card.
with still
plenty of work ahead.



lyn said...

I was wondering the other day where you were with that. Yuck. Sounds like a huge headache!

Melanie said...

government paperwork...so much fun. I have to work on a passport and the whole dual citizenship thing for T. Hopefully it is as easy as it was for me getting my greencard!
Good luck!

Justin said...

that place looks, smells, and totally reminds me of the USA DMV!!!! worst of the worst government places. and to think i just lost my license and actually have to go back....ugh!!!