Friday, August 1, 2008


28 years
since he was 
this dang cute!!

happy birthday,
my forever friend!!


Mindi said...

Wow! Great photo. It is much easier to see his resemblance in your girls from this picture. Happy Birthday Alex! We wish we were there to celebrate with you. Can't wait to see how it was celebrated.

LKC said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!

I really think he looks like Avi in this picture.

greta said...

YEA were back!! at first glance I had thought you were knee deep in snow already... glad to hear it is a memory and a BIG happy birthday to alex. good to see you guys again!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Alex! Have a fantastic day!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Amy Asay said...

So that's where your kids get their looks!!! So freakin cute! I heard it was an awesome bday party. Sad I missed it (I'm missing everything!). Happy Bday Big A!