Monday, August 18, 2008

in season

i only remember doing it once.
one hot summer evening
for an fhe treat
so many moons ago.
back in the days
when the backyard's garden plenty
was on our kitchen table daily.
oh, how i dream of
such a blessing now. . .

but i'll never forget
that delectable dessert
of strawberries
dipped in sour cream and brown sugar.


Mindi said...

Mmm.. an interesting twist. We have strawberries in our fridge currently.. I'll give it a try.

MwH said...

Oh that makes me nostalgic. That was our FHE treat every monday night growing up (when strawberries were in season). And what a great picture! loves.

d/b/c/m said...

yum. i gotta try that--today!

Justin said...

indeed, a yummy treat! beautiful photo too, makes me want!

Jus said...

i soooooo remember that. more than once. and still crave it at least once a year. love it!