Thursday, August 7, 2008

mary poppins

what is it
that makes me want
their childhood
to be so similar to mine?

when the only movies
i'll buy them
are the ones i watched 
when i was little.
you know,
mary poppins
wizard of oz
sesame street old school.

nothing wrong with that, right?


Susan said...

Don't forget The Sound of Music and Charlotte's Web (remember Templeton the rat sings, the fair is a smorgasboard orgasboard?)-Anne's favorites from my generation! The difference is that your kids are watching those movies on a computer screen!!!

Mindi said...

Nothing wrong with that... they all are very good movies. :) I don't imagine, no matter how hard you try, your girl's lives will be too much like yours... outside of the house anyway. I think it's exciting though.

Colby and I go back and forth with that as well... do we want a life for our kids in the city? Or do we want to raise them the same way we were raised?? I think both have pros and cons.

Becky Cox said...

just wait until they discover YouTube. there is no going back from there.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I think that it means you had a great childhood---nothing wrong in wanting that for your kids too. "A spoonful of sugar..." is a wonderful thing!
Keep them away from YouTube:(

ktb said...

love love love Annie

Melanie said...

T will definitely be watching Fraggle Rock!

Justin said...

as old school as it is...i'm just glad to see you children having some interaction with modern devices! buy them a freakin TV already!!!! ;-)

d/b/c/m said...

perfect collection! my girls can't get enough annie.

Shannon said...

Come on, what about Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and some great Disney flicks that didn't come out until we were more like teenagers than kids...or some of the newer good ones like Toy Story, Bug's Life, Mulan, and others... can't deprive them of those! I must say Dora the Explorer is a constant companion in our home.

Justin said...

sesame street old school is the BEST! luke and jace watch the "classics" too! luke currently watches scooby doo seasons 1 and 2 from '69 and '70. i think we all like the familiarity of our shows. plus, i have to say, the entertainment offering for our kids lacks something to be desired...dora the explorer, wiggles, wonder pets, even sesame street?? i mean have you ever watched these shows? the classics-pure unadulterated entertainment, safe and enjoyable! by the way, electric company and 321 contact are now available for purchase too! : )