Thursday, September 4, 2008

beginning of the end

and when that
endless night
of hearing my door
creak open and then shut again
with the little visitor
coming in and out
with all sorts of requests
fulfilled in my half-sleep ended,
that little visitor was found
on that cold kitchen floor
fast asleep.

and thus began the
first day of preschool.

by mom & dad

but not much
reassuring was necessary.
as the only girl
in the group,
her sass almost seemed
to fill a niche.

and mom & dad stayed
for the first while,
only long enough to
lead her back to the group
during if you're happy and you know it
in hebrew 
when she slipped away to tell me
"mom, i'm falling asleep..."


Melanie said...

those pictures are so sweet! She looks so grown up!
Will you send me your email, I apparently don't have it at home -thanks!

christine said...

wow, a big day! she looked adorable. how cute that she was too excited to sleep the night before. she's going to do great. a new phase of life begun! enjoy it.

The Jackson Three said...

super cute....hope the first day goes great!

Susan said...

Oh, Jen--what a big day! (And your hair looks amazing!)

Switch Blade said...

Hi Jen,
What a cute little girl and family you have. Lyn Becksted told me about your blog after we caught up with each other on Facebook. Hope life is going good for you guys. That's cool you get to live in Russia. I get to live in Nevada. Not nearly as cool. -Matt France