Friday, September 19, 2008

cannoli snob

the pro and con list
of having your italian friend
drop by with some
fresh cannoli 
flown in from sicily:

10 minutes of decadence

fulfilling my sugar requirement
for the week in one sitting;
will never be able to 
return a comparable favor;
and becoming a cannoli snob
just like that--
no other cannoli will ever match up

but i'm still pretty sure
that pro outweighed the cons. . .


happyfamily said...

I've never had real sicilian cannoli, but the best best cannoli I have ever had was from Mike's pastry in Boston. I love Boston, and every time I go, or someone I know goes, they HAVE to bring me some canolli. Oh man- why is it on the other coast? Why must I crave it so?!

d/b/c/m said...

oh my. your post leaves me itching to jump on a plane to italy for a bite of good canoli. (or boston; i second the fondness for mikes).