Thursday, September 18, 2008

sacrifice for science

when i found that little guy
on the hallway floor
i rescued him
and put him in a jar
with a few leaves and a stick,
poking holes in the lid.
the memories of doing this
as a child came
flooding back to me.
how many caterpillars we trapped,
fed, then watched fascinated
as they spun their cocoons.
and that was the end of that.
no butterflies.
those poor little things
were spinning their own coffins,
the only way to escape that jar.

and somehow i had a hunch
that this little guy,
who isn't even cute and fuzzy
may meet the same fate.
i had many thoughts of letting
the poor soul go.

but then decided to keep him in our glass trap
all in the name of 
letting the girls
have the same experience
i had over and over
many years ago.

and thus we are.
feeding, watching
(mostly for signs of life)
waiting. . .


OnGod'sErrand said...

Aaaah! The wonder of nature! They will remember this the same way that you do. I know that caterpillar doesn't really mind :)

christine said...

i remember those days, those cute fuzzy ones that never came out of their cocoons, poor things. we waited and waited. . . how come my kids' preschool class always has better luck?