Monday, September 22, 2008

tea time

and when we were given
that old ceramic tea set,
we decided
it was about time
we started inviting avi
to our tea time.

and for the most part,

she behaved herself
very well.

though we do still
need to work on
what size bites to take.
(yes, i should have cut them)

(though it was pretty funny
when she reached for 
another apricot
as she was regurgitating
that big piece of apricot
she had chewed for 5 minutes
and gagged on)


Susan said...

So sweet! I'm glad Avi is now in the tea party club! I'm sure her manners will improve. I can remember so many tea parties with Anne! She also liked to play "eating out" with her dad as the waiter and a little towel over his arm! Tea parties are the best!

JaneH said...

What could be more fun for a sweet little girl, than to have High Tea with her Mom and Sister. What a great Mom you are.