Tuesday, October 21, 2008

aligning stars

remember that wasted hour
in the springtime
when we searched and searched
for that blasted
stringed instrument store
and never found it?

here i'd been gearing up again
to find it once and for all
in preparation for

then that saturday
when we were going from
park to park to park
we pulled up to our house
for a few minutes
when i said
look at that sign across the street

which of course i had seen
a hundred times before
but of course
always assumed
it couldn't be what it says.
i couldn't be.
it's right across the street 
from our house.
there's just no way
that's a violin store
like the sign says it is.
dad was sent as a scout.
and with a big smile
and a wave of the hand that said
gather the troops and 
get over here,
we went across the street
and milla died and went to heaven.

she was fitted for a 1/16
(which fits in the 
palm of your hand and that's
not even the smallest)
had the saleslady
play her old favorite
twinkle twinkle
(without our requesting it)
and the stars were aligned.
we somehow dragged her out of there
but not without a few winks 
to the saleslady
and quiet promises of a quick return
without certain people
in tow.

that follow-up visit
has since been made
and the anticipation (mine!)
is unbearable.
one more week!

in the meantime,
i've got blessed parents to visit.
see you in a week!
hope the anticipation
doesn't keep you up at night.


happyfamily said...

Are you kidding me? Right across the street from your house and you didn't believe it?
That's funny.

Amy said...

I'll be waiting to be invited to her first concert at Carnegie Hall! :)

Anonymous said...

What a thrill for a special birthday girl. When does she start lessons?

Velda said...

Hehhe, my mom keeps trying to get Ethan to pick up violin, but I've been afraid.. I'll be excited to hear how this turns out for you!