Tuesday, October 28, 2008


flying in late last night
and having her
burst into tears
when we left the airport
and got into our car
and she realized we were going home,
not to another hotel
(is home that bad?
am i doing something wrong
or have i given birth
to a jet setter???)
we could only console her
with promises of a 
big birthday party
when she woke up tomorrow.

her big day came and went
and was full of just about
a little four-year-old could want.

(not red ones)

a hundred
pink flowers

and more gifts

you've got to be kidding me
upon opening
the last present
(you know what)

that sweet smile of delight
that must have made
her cheeks hurt
it lasted so long

the concert
 complete with bow

the requested
chocolate cupcakes

the candle blowing
that lasted a good
20 seconds

the eating nothing
but frosting

the evening's outing
to see the musical
beauty and the beast

and then the falling into
the new bed
(yes she just graduated from a crib)
plum tuckered out

with sweet dreams
of tomorrow
and all the violin playing
toy enjoying
ballerina dancing
puzzle doing
new book reading
that a day could hold.

happy birthday,
my beloved firstborn!!
you are a dream to me.


Becky said...

what a great post! I still have the 1/8 size, if she's still liking it when she's a bit bigger!
PS, I see she has her calgotki on:)good russian mom....

greta said...

Your post is so beautiful! She is so loved and so luck to have you for her mother…

d/b/c/m said...

happy birthday to mila! looks like it was perfect. and to see her holding that tiny violin--precious!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! I love the story about finding the violin -- just in time.

Colby said...

Wow, that's going to be a tough birthday party to top... or maybe not, for you Jen. :)

Happy Birthday Milla... I'm sad to think that our days of celebrating with you (in person) are over. So glad your Mom created such a beautiful post so that we could share it with you through pictures. Can't wait to hear what sweet music you learn to make on that violin!

Love to you, big girl!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Milla! You are getting so big!

Justin said...

is she seriously 4 already? wow time flies. and did she seriously sleep in a crib until she was 4? good thing russia is a little behind on the whole child protective services thing or you'd be im trouble. ;-)