Friday, October 3, 2008

from the archives

if you really
want to be honest,
you can't go back through
your old diaries
and not say from time to time,
"what was i thinking???"

it was six years ago
that i got my first slr camera.
i was here.
and i let that camera
lead me around the city
day after day
showing me a world of hidden treasures
in the back alleys and
nooks and crannies of moscow.
i was so filled
with ambition, inspiration,
creative stimulation. . .

upon moving back to america
my interest remained,
though my style, my camera,
my technique, my drive
and my eye all changed.

and when i uncovered
that old album from moscow 2002
dusted it off
and flipped through its pages,
i couldn't help but feel
like i was going through
an old diary.
though there were still
many i felt i still
"agreed with"

but how imperative
to stop along the way
and recognize
how we are morphing
while we are too busy to notice it.


Ann said...

These are great--I'd love to see what you're doing now if you consider these old hat.

happyfamily said...

Mine isn't photographs, but reading my old journals. You started knowing me about 8 years ago... I don't know if you know me now, but if you do and did know me, then you would know how much I have changed-- for the much much better. I've been reading my journals lately- found them in a box from before we moved, and I was actually surprised at how meaningless my drivel was. I didn't think that it was that meaningless back then.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Morphing is a lifelong process. When we stop, we have ceased to progress. But, it is wise to pause and reflect on the growth and changes that may have been so subtle we didn't realize it was happening. If we're always looking upward, each change will be towards happiness and peace.