Monday, October 13, 2008

hubba bubba

oh, and when that
heavy door to our building
closed behind us,
that stealth
gorgeous little hand
whipped out the treasure
from her toasty coat pocket.
those crystal blue eyes shone
with delight
at the sight of what
she had swiped
as mama paid for the groceries.

a few word
exchanges later,
and those poor eyes
weren't so filled with delight

and the trip
made back to the store
to return the treasure
with an
извините пожалуйста,
больше так не буду
in the sweetest little voice
and those big
blue saucers that stir up
nothing but 
sympathy and a smile,
and that girl's
got the whole world
in her hands--

not just hubba bubba.


Becky Cox said...

oh, these are the defining moments of childhood AND parenthood. how much easier to reprimand and "let it go..."? you did the right thing to take her back.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I remember well when Christine hid in the closet with her bubble gum she "found" at the store. She was just glad they didn't call the police when I took her back to the store ;) Me too!

Susan said...

Good work, Jen. We've all been either the stealer or the parent of the stealer. So glad you didn't just let it go. And thanks for documenting it so we can see Milla's sweet little face!

christine said...

what? i don't remember that. i would never do such a thing. cute pics, jen. way to go.

JaneH said...

Great teaching moment

Davian said...

she's so precocious. i didn't steal bubble gum until i was five, although the story played out the exact same way.