Thursday, October 9, 2008

maiden voyage

and the young girl's
maiden voyage
to the moscow conservatory
came off splendidly.

6:30 pm
hop in car with new-to-moscow
uzbekistani man
trying to make money as a "cab driver"
6:50 pm
stuck in traffic
crunch time
biting nails
7:03 pm
last ones to check coats
lots of comments from the hall staff
on the only member
of the audience
under the age of 20
7:05 pm
pre-concert photos
on the phone
for the record
7:06 pm
concert starts
the long anticipated violin
enters the stage
and gets 1 minute of attention
from the young viewer
7:07 pm
"mom, we didn't bring my lasagna"

7:11 pm
"mom, why doesn't the guy dance?"
"that's next week, milla.
this guy is not going to dance."
7:16 pm
"mom, where are the horns?"
"not tonight mims,
just violin and piano."
7:27 pm
makes loud noise with chair
moved to mom's lap
sits splendidly until 
the first half is over.
"what do you think, babe,
do you want to go home or stay
for some more?"
"i want to stay."
7:50 pm
taking photos on the corner of the stage
smelling the flowers
looking at the organ pipes
8:05 pm
settle into front row seats
for second half

8:16 pm
back in mom's lap
not a peep or a stir
fully enthralled in the music
8:33 pm
out cold.
8:40 pm
awoken by the applause
wakes up clapping
"i don't want it to be all done, mama"
8:46 pm
hustled to the front
of the coat check line.
respect for young patrons of the arts!

8:57 pm
across the street for some
post-concert ice cream
sharing a vanilla with fresh pineapple sundae
"mom, why are you going in this part?
that's my part"
"sorry babe, i didn't see the line
down the middle of the soda glass."

10:06 pm
home again home again,
jiggity jig
10:28 pm
climbing into bed
10:31 pm
mama sings good night song
as young girl
pulls mama's hand under her chin
and then plays her arm
like a violin.


Mindi said...

I remember special outing like that with my parents... mine, too, ended with ice cream.

With your intensive note-taking do YOU enjoy the concert? :) Your little soon-to-be violinist will find this entry priceless when she looks back on it. I CAN'T WAIT to hear about her upcoming birthday!

happyfamily said...

That was just lovely.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

get this girl a violin already.

ps: that was my deleted comment... i had spelled violin wrong and that was really embarrassing.

JaneH said...

I love reading your posts. You have such a sweet family, they grow up so fast, enjoy them while you can. You are a great mother and you do magic with your camera.

d/b/c/m said...


di said...

o my goodness - she is beautiful jen! i love the photos...she's perfect. xoxo

OnGod'sErrand said...

You're so brave to tackle that a her age, but what a wonderful memory you made for both of you...and for us. Thanks for sharing. I felt like I was there.