Wednesday, October 8, 2008

shot in the dark

now when i thought
of the combination
i thought,
now here's a shot in the dark.
we'll see what the
has to say,
authority of all authorities.

pumpkin lasagna?
oh yes.

this seasonal delight
can delight your home as well.
and remember,
cook your own pumpkin--
so worth it.
skip the wine--
add fresh parsley, thyme and oregano--
grate lots and lots of cheese,
including parmesan--
extra mmm.
and don't let the grams and mL
scare you--
eyeball it.
surely it's not the first time
you've made lasagna
(though it may be the first time
you've made lasagna this good. . .)


sarah said...

i tried a butternut squash lasagna the other day and it was fantastic. this recipe will be next on my list for sure. thanks for sharing it!

Becky Cox said...

mmm...i'll let you know how mine turns out...

Susan said...

Mmmm, Jen. Looks good. Cooked your own pumpkin? Impressive. But what's tomato pulp?

PS I think I won't skip the wine.