Friday, October 10, 2008

time & place

now i know my mom's
may have had it's
time and place.
it made for a very cozy
and "cute" kitchen.

but i carried
an aversion to wallpaper
for quite some time.
and i think
i am finally emerging
from that haze.

and it's only a matter of time
before i get me some of this:

and it can have
it's own
time and place
right in my home.


JaneH said...

Your Mom was always great with wall paper. Be sure to pick some you can live with. At my house it stays up a long time. I am not much at hanging wallpaper.

fauxcalpoint said...

Jen,maybe look at some faux finishing. With your artistic abilities, you could create something really amazing and authentic. And, if you don't like it in a couple years, you can always paint over it, and you don't have to tear it down. Just my thoughts.

Dave Weaver

Jen Richards said...

Jen, your blog is a piece of art in itself. I really enjoy reading it. So glad to see you and your beautiful girls are doing so well. p.s...I LOVE the wallpaper- I say go for it!