Thursday, October 2, 2008


now for those of you
who are wondering,
what is it like
to raise bilingual children.

you must know,
it's not all fun & games.
milla only knew
30 words when she turned 2.
and most of those
only i could recognize.
this inability to communicate
made for truckloads of frustration
on both sides.
though my mom once pointed out
how she had made up
her own sign language to compensate.
i hadn't even paid attention,
but when she mentioned this
i counted about 10 or 15 signs
she had come up with
to tell me what she wanted.

those have since fizzled out
and communication is 
no longer an issue.
in fact it often is
fun & games,
when she makes the cutest mistakes.
("мам, если я пойду гулять,
я буду сердиться.  я хочу с тебе.")

now this sweet pea
has been a different story.
she's not even 2
and she knows at least
300 words.
frustration in the communication department
is nearly non-existent.
(brow wipe)

but some of those signs
surface anyway.

this one
in case you couldn't figure it out,
means insert that treat here.
and with that,
my trilingual beauties
make everything quite clear.


Anonymous said...

my first reply even though i am a faithful reader.

this is one of my favorites


Amy said...

what brilliant, beautiful baby girls, and an inspiring, amazing mama

BarlyCorn said...

Outstanding Blog! Educational and personal.