Wednesday, October 15, 2008

walking the children

now when christine
told me
her two-year-old
was out playing in the backyard
all alone,
i couldn't help but gasp.
you mean,
all alone all alone?
outside outside?
yes, jen.
it's called
an enclosed backyard.
it's called
living in a house
in a town.

now you fellow city dwellers
may have gasped
right along with me.
but for us?
it's called
walking the children.
not the dog,
the children.
it's what we do.
every day.

and on today's walk
i was pleasantly surprised
they didn't want to go
to the playground.

instead they made

their own playground.

and i almost,
just almost,
felt a breath of that
fall romance
i'd been seeking.

one thing
the city doesn't
bubble over with.


Ann said...

Fall in Russia--it is romantic. I love it when my girls find spontaneous fun too. And they're gorgeous. And I don't let my kids play outside alone either, and we live in Utah.

Mindi said...

Wow, it looks like you are a whole season ahead of us. Coats and hats... and colorful fallen leaves? The leaves have started to change colors upstate but there has only been a glimpse of it in the city. It's still been in the mid-70's this week. I'm hoping for a smooth transition into winter.. not an abrupt arrival.

It's nice that you have two children to walk.. so they can make fun together! SO cute!

Rebecca said...

Judging by your pictures...that is fall romance at it's finest! It's so beautiful! I think living in CA I really miss out on the changing of the seasons. All our trees are still green. And, for what it's worth - I think I miss out on some golden "together" opportunities not living in a place where you "walk the children". I would love to try living in the city someday.

Amanda said...

Jen this was one of my favorite posts. I haven't seen fall foliage for a couple years. New Orleans has lots of live oak, but not so much maple. I completely understand when you say "walking the children". Every day I walk Pete around this fun city.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Gotta admit I love letting the children out to play on their own. A neighborhood is a wonderful place for children to grow up---lots of other kids to play with and yards to visit!

JonathanandDesiree said...

I have to say even being in Westchester County without an enclosed backyard, we too walk the children...and when we walk to the nearby park, all they want to do is play in the bushes, dirt, or trees. Watch out for poison ivy!!