Wednesday, October 29, 2008


nothing but pure luck
and a little love from above
that i'm all the way
across the world
and my parents
are a 2-hour flight away.
our visit
was wonderfully delightful.


lindsay said...

so. dang. jealous.
wish i could have been there too. pics are awesome.

JaneH said...

I know that your parents enjoyed it as much or more than you did. They love so much to be with you and those darling little girls.

christine said...

jen, those pics look like they're postcards. you do an amazing job. need to give me lessons someday. looks like such a fun time.

OnGod'sErrand said...

You really captured the magic of our time together. Thanks for coming. You made my YEAR!

jolie fleur said...

Wow. Beautiful. Thanks for letting me enjoy fall vicariously! You guys find the most beautiful corners of the earth.

Justin said...

wow dude. amazing photos. you're amazing photographer. i need lessons.