Friday, November 14, 2008


dear dad:

it's been a long 4 days
of your absence.
we miss your laugh,
we keep setting your place
at the tea party,
we wish you were here
to make airplanes out of spoonfuls of food
clear out of the kitchen and back,
we keep setting aside
your game pieces for you,
we're tired of talking
on skype,
and we've got 2 little 
ballerinas over here
just ready to attack.

welcome home!


JaneH said...

It's amazing how one missing peice can spoil the picture. Or one absence family member can be so missed. But isn't great fun when we are all back together again.
Happy family.

Susan said...

love the tutus! please frame and hang this photo!

mer said...

what a darling picture.

Ann said...

There's nothing like a Daddy and his daughters. So sweet.

lovely lindsay said...

i'm not sure how i stumbled across your pretty little cyber-space but i'm so glad i did. what a beautiful blog! my husband is from the ukraine and i've always wondered the best way to add a little bit of that into our son's life. you have inspired me with your russian adventure and your gorgeous girls. i would love to get my lucas a few really good russian children's book for christmas. any suggestions???
love, lindsay stoyan

Melissa said...

I think I always leave the same comment on you blog - sorry. You are a MASTER at capturing moments with your camera. Your pictures say a trillion words.

Justin said...

love this post. reminds me of leaving on trip and how fun it is to return home. no place like home. and you captured perfectly the definition of home.