Tuesday, November 11, 2008


poklonnaya 16.
pink building
for afterschool activities.
4th floor, cabinet 8.

our young
aspiring musician
had antsy anticipation
for that meeting with danila.
anticipation made
even more intense
when we were early,
and he was late.

when the young fellow
showed up
of course the first thing
you can't help but notice
but that didn't really 
surprise me 
was the long, black
rockstar hair.
we said our hellos as
i further admired his casual way
with children (mine),
and then his flannel grunge shirt
buttoned all the way up
stylishly accessorized
by a sport coat.
what i had expected.

we stepped into his studio
lined with musical instruments
in every corner.
piano, drums, guitars. . .
and a host of furniture
that had survived the
50 years
or 100 years
in that same soviet building.

the next hour 
was spent nuzzling
into mama's lap
half-wondering who
this stranger was and 
what he wanted from us. . .
to a long detailed explanation
of the anatomy of a violin,
prodded answers
but only in whispers
(this is my screamer
i am talking about)
and lots and lots of coercion
to touch that bow
or anything else. . .

and thus we left,
quite unsure
about what had just happened.
but such is the life
of a 
4 and 1/24th-year-old.


JaneH said...

strange place, strange man, new and strange activitie. sure she was shy. It will come, just hang in there.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Wonderful description of this landmark event. Soon enough it will be but a dim memory and we'll all be charmed by the beautiful melodies of Milla's violin.