Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in my shoes

i remember very clearly
visiting my older sister
some years ago
when she was a young mother
of two little toddlers
and that question
i asked her
that she so graciously
and casually answered
without the slightest bit
of offense.
"so, chris. . .
what do you do all day???"
i don't remember how she answered,
but i do know
she should have answered,
you'll answer that question yourself
someday, when you're in the same shoes.
and you'll laugh at yourself
for asking it.

today i am in the same shoes
she was then.
and i now know what she did all day then,
and probably still does now
(though her work has since multiplied)
and i idolize her
for the quiet saint she is.

but i must confess now.
i'm not quite as nice as she is.
if you ask me
what i've been up to,
i'm thinking,
hello, i have two little kids!
what can i be up to?
but then if you just assume
i don't do anything but cook and clean
and change diapers and play toys,
you're also wrong.
because there's more to my life than that!
see, you can't win.

unless of course,
you're also in my shoes,
in which case you know exactly
what i'm talking about.


Emma said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Well put. Thank you.

christine said...

every mother has a different life, but it is what you make of it. amazing how those hours fill up each day, isn't it? and how lucky we mothers are to get to spend them with these precious kids.

OnGod'sErrand said...

...and your sisters idolize you too! You're all beautiful and perfect in your own way.

Amy said...

I know, I know... And if I could say "absolutely nothing, but hold my sweet little children" then life would be even sweeter than it already is!