Monday, November 24, 2008


how clear in my mind
is that night
from my childhood
when i had one of the many
painful ear infections.
after crying in bed
my mother came and got me,
took me to her room
rocked me in that big
dark wooden rocking chair,
and sang her sweet melodies
until my pain faded away.
and i became a believer 
in my mother's
magical healing power.

and now as i rapidly approach
the age my mother was then,
a few of her secrets
are unfolding.
and as milla's saturday night
stomach flu bout 
gave me another turn
to rush (many times)
to the aid of my ailing child.

with yet another scream
from her bed
my sleepless night was full
of caressing, hair holding,
mouth wiping, reassuring,
loving, stroking,
and bonding.
and i began to think
my mom had passed on to me
just a little bit of her magic.


Mindi said...

Milla is the most beautiful doll in that bed. I sure hope she is feeling better... she's lucky to have you as her "magical" mother.

Susan said...

I love your blog so much!

jolie fleur said...

You've got such a great attitude Jen. Thanks for helping me to think about those long nights in a new way!

JaneH said...

This is what being a great Mother is all about. Your sweet girls are lucky to have you.

OnGod'sErrand said...

It's amazing, but those sleepless nights have now become treasured memories. And even when Justin was a grown man and feeling unheard of pain as he lay in the hospital bed following his accident---he asked his mother to sing to him. And I did for hours, until he finally slept.

Liberty de Surville said...

the tears are dripping on my key board. i'm crying so hard michael is asking me if i'm okay. look at that sweet child! i remember so well now the overwhelming feeling of comfort i could only feel from my mother. you can capture things so perfectly that it hurts!