Wednesday, November 19, 2008


that break
between the end of
avi's preschool group
and the end of milla's
leaves avi and i
1 1/2 hours
to revel
in each other's company.

today we walked down the street
to that cozy cafe
where we took the tall seats
at the window
with the view onto
the passersby
and the church where
pushkin was married
right across the street.
we ordered ourselves
some pumpkin cereal and crepes,
colored pictures,
and giggled
until every one else stared.

until next week,
my sweet!


Ann said...

One on one time with them is so, so sweet. And then to have Pushkin's church across the street and crepes? Nice.

Brittney said...

gorgeous picture!

JaneH said...

Making wonderful memories for the both of you. She is growing up so fast.

Susan said...

I just love Avi's cheeks--want to kiss and squeeze them!

greta said...

eric and i are just taken back by this AMAZING picture the subject is breathtaking!!! man we miss you guys and would love to meet this little one.

hope you have a great thanksgiving