Friday, November 7, 2008

sweet fleeting. . .

on this day
730 short days ago,

left heaven
and came to me.
we celebrate.

balloons blown up
delicacies spread over the table
the cake carefully decorated
the mountain of presents
long anticipated
and the sign on the front door
to greet our guests:
"please knock, baby sleeping."
i mean, a girl
got to get her beauty sleep!

when we awoke to the mayhem
after half a nap
we were in a daze for a bit

but with 5 toddlers
running wild
and getting into all your toys
it doesn't take too long
to remember
it's your birthday.
and you're the star of the show.

that mountain of presents
turned into
a mountain of toys and trash.
and it was much easier finding
a place for the trash
than it is for the loot.
still working on that.

and when the candles came
we were so excited to blow
through our little teeth
we had one blown out
before the song was sung.
it got relit,
and reblown out. . .

but that other one. . .

that other one!
that one we took about
5 minutes to ponder
among the glaring eyes
and the prodding
and the anticipation
so thick you could
cut it with a knife. . .
what do you want from me, people???

of course this is where milla
was glad to step in

and then we were whisked off
to the circus
for an evening of
heart stopping
on and off.
me oh my.

and during the intermission
we got some popcorn
that certain of us
were intent on not sharing.
until they took off
in a high speed chase
to get away from the aggressors,
when luck would have it
they tripped and fell,
and the goods were
spread over that dirty cement floor...

and then we came home
to the mess
of the celebration,
donned our pajamas
and then were held and rocked,
rocked and sang to
for 10 times longer than usual,
just as we were
365 days ago
in a futile attempt
to stop time
and lap up every last moment
of this
sweet fleeting
childhood. . .


Ann said...

It's Ada's birthday today too! I always get so emotionally involved with their birthdays, but they're such loves, aren't they?

Artem said...

Glad everybody enjoyed the party! :-) And sorry I had to miss it. :-(

JaneH said...

Happy Birthday to a darling little girl. She looks so cute and sweet. Are you ready for the twos?

Mindi said...

Happy Birthday Avi! Looks like you had an exciting second birthday! Jen, you have quite a way with words... so precious and so exact with the thoughts... I can relate so well... even if I am unable to express it as well as you.

OnGod'sErrand said...

It sounds absolutely perfect! Just like our little darling, Avi. What a joy and a sweet blessing she is.

Amy Asay said...

Gorgeous, Jen.
xo, Avi.