Monday, November 3, 2008

wings to fly

it was in honor of
both her birthday
and her
spreading her wings to fly.
(to london, that is)

we met at the sky lounge
on the tip top
of the old soviet
academy of science

she looked smashing
as always.
london is lucky.

and let me just say
moscow restaurants
take their bathrooms
we always pay a visit
just because.

milla got a hold
of the camera
and maybe i won't have to
teach her a thing
after all

four generations
and i'm still left to wonder
how my girls
got shafted 
on that gorgeous black hair.

прошай, даша,
и приезжай скорее!


Christine said...

I love your photography and your girl are just beautiful.

d/b/c/m said...

oh my gosh--those pictures merit a book publication or something. wow.

christine said...

i love that last picture. priceless. you'll have to frame that one.

JaneH said...

What great pictures. You have a great eye for subject matter. Those two darling models help our a lot.