Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the world

and i asked her
if she would like
a kiwi, a mandarin or a banana.
she answered
and then smiled her
effortless and angelic smile
and let out a little giggle.

and as my self
filled up
with love of the nonpareil kind
i told her:
you. . .
you could ask for the world
and i would say,
"hold on, i'll be right back. . ."


Ann said...

Isn't it true? I think I'd break all the rules for them if I had to. I hope they never ask. Avi is gorgeous and I love, love, love the music on your blog, especially the one you played yesterday--touch and go. So good. Cheers!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Who ever knew that we could love so much? Being parents is a challenge, but the greatest joy in the world! Especially being yours:)

jolie fleur said...

How adorable is she! Love it!