Friday, December 19, 2008


so i really never dreamed
i would be celebrating

but when you send
your child
to a jewish preschool,
that's one of the perks.

and another one
is the jelly-filled doughnuts
that, as it turns out,
is a traditional hanukkah treat.

where has hanukkah been
all my life?


JaneH said...

How could two little girls be any cuter, than your two girls. I am all for jelly filled doughnuts. Happy Hanukkah.

Sue said...

Yep. And the candles are good, too. =)

Amidei's said...

What a wondeful thing to be able to expose those girls too. Jen, you truly are blessed!

Bess said...

Any celebration that includes a donut is truly inspired.

Can you come and dress my kids? Your girls always look so cute.