Thursday, December 4, 2008

dying breed

and it was that new pair of jeans
that i bought for milla
that had the broken snap
that led me back to
the little hole in the wall
down the street.
where the sign left over
from the soviet period says
(metal repair)
and shows a zipper, an umbrella
and a key.
stepping into the box
you can hardly hear
over the sounds of 
"metal repairing"
coming from the back.
the ceiling is so low
surely being short is a requirement
for employment here.
but the place is already
in the festive mood,
with garlands strung around the window
and a big sticker
the size of half of me
that says
happiness in the new year!

the man
with the rough and dirty hands
makes sure that i won't mind
replacing my h&m snap
with a plain one.
and then disappears
into the noise.
i take a seat on the old red chair
that takes up 50% of the "lobby"
and within 10 minutes
milla's jeans are like new
(oh wait, they are new)
i part with 100 rubles
and with a joke from the craftsman
i am on my way.
and lamenting the fact
that these establishments
are a dying breed.

1 comment:

OnGod'sErrand said...

Sad but true. It's a throw-away world we live in. But, I think that perhaps we will see a change, as times become harder and people must "make do" and repair. It will stretch a lot of people.