Thursday, December 11, 2008

isaiah bath

and what with the choir performance
of handel's messiah
tomorrow night
and the attending
final rehearsals this week;
and then having thrown upon me
just one week in advance
the job of giving a talk in church
this sunday 
(and i am one that requires
a month of advance preparation)
with the coincidental topic
of isaiah's prophecies of christ. . .
well i am just bathing
in isaiah water this week,
drinking his words,
dreaming him at night,
basking in isaiah light.

just wishing i could
play a recording
of the messiah score
in front of that crowd on sunday
instead of stumbling
over my own words.
handel and isaiah
were endowed with a bit more
than i was. . .


Justin said...

oooh ouch! that's a toughy. i feel for you. if there is one person who they failed to actually translate into english, i believe it was Isaiah. i feel for you. best of luck.

Liberty de Surville said...

not more talented! you could take handel anyday. your writing and your photography have given me more chills than my soaring strings playing to the overwhelming choir voices rising in handel's messiah. hands down!