Tuesday, December 2, 2008


when i walked in the door
from a day of work
he excitedly asked me
if i was ready to see a new trick.
he led me over to
my 3-month-old
sitting in her little rocker--
just seeing her sitting there
was trick enough
for a new mother starved of
her firstborn child all day.
"just watch"
and as we stood over
the inquisitive baby
i watched
as she moved her hand
with outstretched fingers
over to that plastic chain
hanging next to her.
and with great mental exertion,
she touched it
and watched it move.
and we had witnessed a miracle
in mental development
right before our very eyes.


and now
with 4 great years of experience
under her belt
these monumental discoveries
don't seem to take place as often.
but that day
i saw her manipulate her pens
for the first time
to create
i was floored all over again,
giddy with the miracle
i was once again allowed to witness.

cup (stemware!)




and the masterpiece:
man holding stick

and it appears
just came to an end.


Susan said...

man holding stick is clearly a masterpiece!

lovely lindsay said...

yes. that man holding stick is fab! but that rain! that's my favorite.
we've got the black blob over here. black blob with a gazillion dots for eyes. and i love when he says - so sure of himself, "it's a buffalo."
happy art!
love, lindsay
{thank you for responding so quickly to me with an email about the childrens books. today is the day that i find a free moment to write you back!}

JaneH said...

One of the greatest blessings is that you take the time to appreciate the Miracles.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Clearly takes after her talented mother.