Tuesday, December 16, 2008


so i guess if there are times
when a mother is powerful
there are also times,
or days,
when she is just plain

i remember the days
of milla's first tantrums.
45 minutes
of blood-curdling screams.
and there was absolutely nothing
i could do
to stop it.

and yesterday?
well i was powerless
when avi refused to eat
both lunch and dinner.
nothing i could do.

i was powerless
when milla nibbled on the
gingerbread house
for the 14th time.
how many times can you repeat
the same thing to her?

and then
when avi took the crayons
to the chair,
the mirror,
the table,
the toys. . .
was it the least bit
of concern to her?
not hardly.
didn't matter what i said.

what about milla opening
the present
from under the tree?
she knew!!!
did it bother her?
uh uh.
and what could i do. . .???

and then when she ate
the other half
of the brand new toothpaste tube
(the first half she downed
a few days ago--
the only reason she's not dead
is because thank goodness
i still buy baby toothpaste)???
what could i say.
no more toothbrushing for a month?
you're not eating for a week?
you're grounded?
no toys until sunday?
are you getting my drift?
i am totally powerless.

and to top off my night,
these little night owls
played and sang
and read books and prayed
and gabbed and made rooster sounds
and giggled
until 1:30 am.
do you think i could do anything 
about it, try as i might?

by now you know the answer
to that.


Mindi said...

Sisters... sounds like they've discovered their own power.

happyfamily said...

this all sounds amazingly familiar...

christine said...

and does milla still throw those screaming tantrums? you thought those would never end. this too shall pass. . .enjoy the journey!
(but, good thing you buy that kind of toothpaste!)

Emma said...

We just started the 45 minute tantrum phase. Powerless is exactly right.

Shannon said...

hilarious...glad I'm not the only one who has those kinds of days... WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE? I think we all wonder that sometimes. Some days you just want to turn your back and let them go to it because you are too tired to keep fighting the impossible battle..."I'll deal with it tomorrow."

LKC said...

Don't worry about the toothpaste. I knew a kid in elementary school who would eat an entire tube of toothpaste a day. But, now that I think about it, this is the same kid who had to wear a helmet at recess. Maybe not a good idea...

Julie said...

My kids just (as in I just came up from trying to clean it up) peed, that's right, peed all over the basement. How do you clean up a thousand spots spread over a thousand square feet? Why did they do it? They have no answer. Powerless!

Melissa said...

How can we be so powerless? We are up against people who are smaller than us, people who have less life experience, less knowledge, less strength. and yet somehow it is still us, who are powerless. hmph.

greta said...

There are days when I feel like I am the only mother out there that is POWERLESS, thanks for reminding me we all are at one time or another. I hear it's all worth it in the end, I guess we will just have to wait and see ;)

Jeff Struck said...

I still eat toothpaste Jen, no biggie.

Anonymous said...

How well you have summed up the early years ... and believe me, it goes on... as parents we can only be the archers and send the little arrows, hopefully, in the right direction.... but they are the future and they will decide even though one has tried to show them right and wrong and has LOVED THEM.

POWERLESS, POWERFUL and your personal power shines through in your blog.

Sweetpea in France

LIVE and ENJOY your darling children.

Sweetpea in France