Monday, December 8, 2008


i knew she was up to no good.

but i was enjoying sipping my tea
and chatting with
alex's grandparents in their kitchen.
behind the wall in their bedroom
all was quiet.
and i was going to let her 
do her thing.
just as long as she didn't drop
that music box on the parquet.
i hoped there wasn't too much more damage
to be done.
just a little girl rifling
through a great grandmother's
jewelry box and perfume bottles.
 i mean, it is right on her level.
what do you expect?

finally we went in to check on her.
and as we sat on babushka's bed
we started to go through
the contents of the jewelry box.
she told us stories
of the different pieces,
how old they were
who had given them to her,
what they meant to her.
and i'm not sure how it came about,
but my wishes came true
when she offered me a piece or two.
i picked out my favorite brooch
that she wasn't too sad to part with,
and then patted milla on the back
for her rifling skills.

and then donned that beauty
for the christmas party,
all the while thinking of the history
it had seen
alongside of babushka masha
all these years.


brighton said...

Jen, thank you so much for sharing your writings & thoughts with the rest of us. Ever since I stumbled upon your blog I anticipate each new posting with delight. You really have a gift.

Amidei's said...

Jen...what a special story...I know that piece will bring you joy for many years - and hopefully one day you can pass it down to Mila with the story behind it.

Susan said...

What I lucky find! I have a brooch from the 60's that was my mom's--big,round, black and rhinestone-y and I love to wear it on my denim jacket and black cardigan. I can remember her wearing it on a black cocktail dress when I was small and she smelled so good leaving the house to go to parties!