Monday, December 1, 2008

sufficient evidence

you know
and it was just a week ago
that i was saying to alex:
that is such a sure sign
of a corrupted government
when you hardly feel any added degree
of protection from the police force;
when you are more afraid of them
than you are
comfortable asking them for help.

and when just the other night
as we were coming home
with two sleeping babies in the back,
and unloading the car
when i heard that smash
to look over and see someone
had rammed into a parked car.
i asked alex if i should go write down
the license plate,
in case the guy was not about
to take responsibility.

we both walked over to the cars,
i with a sleeping babe in arms,
and a few others gathered.
when the car moved forward
up onto the curb
and at this point we could tell
he was clearly drunk.
he backed up again,
then shot off across the street
and into another parked car.
we had scribbled the license down
as we watched him speed down the street
at full speed, hearts stopped.
the following sounds of crashes,
already outside our view,
were inevitable.
i just hoped this one was enough
to stop him
before someone was killed.

we then went upstairs
while alex went back down
to find out what had happened next
and to be a witness.
the drunken fool
had smashed into three more cars
before his car lost a wheel
was thrown into a spin
and came to a stop
and the man fled on foot.
the cops were in no hurry
to rush to the scene,
despite their being a block away.
they were very casual
about the affair
and the man was not even pursued.
at least then.
alex came home fully frustrated
over having to deal with them at all.
and my sentiments about
the corruption of the system
that i had recently expressed
were feeling wholly justified.

but if that incident alone
wasn't quite enough,
finding out the following morning
that the drunk lives in our building,
has done this before
himself is a cop,
well that
was more than sufficient.


happyfamily said...

Oh, it's not just there. When we lived in Chicago a higher-up in the police force was drunk and ran into 7 parked cars. He was fined and given a warning- kept his job, no problem.

d/b/c/m said...

oh my! that's so incredibly frustrating! i'm especially irritated by drunk drivers now that i have children. scary, scary.

Shannon said...

Oh Russia.... the insanity never ends.

OnGod'sErrand said...

What can I say? ..."Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...America, America..."