Tuesday, December 29, 2009


to be happily wed
for 8 years
is not to be taken lightly.
the fears of binding myself
to another soul until the end of time
all fully warranted--
translated into years of
ups and downs,
highs and lows,
ins and outs,
goods and bads,
but oh-so-many goods. . .

and so i feel proud to celebrate.
lucky to be with him.
grateful to have it so good.

to you, my favorite!
and to 8 delightful years!

Friday, December 25, 2009

wishing you the merriest!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve

the house is a-bustling.
christmas carols a-playing.
warm buns a-baking.
the aroma a-wafting.
the babe a-sleeping.
the girls a-snowman-making.
the instruments a-practicing
their special musical selections for tonight.
iron a-ironing the christmas clothes.
all hands puzzle pieces a-searching.
gifts a-gathering.
christmas treats a-tempting
(with avail).

and i'm off to paint my nails red!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


and so why,
pray tell me,
was i never told
it was possible
to love a boy so?

i would have done this
years ago. . .

Monday, December 21, 2009

gingerbread men

there are never too many cooks
in this kitchen.

our advent calendar
instructed us to craft
some gingerbread men.
one thing we skipped in last year's
and they may not have turned out
as we had hoped
(let's just say,
small contained house fire)
but the ones that survived are still delicious,
and boy did we have fun
making them.

Friday, December 18, 2009


what i did was criminal.
absolutely criminal.
you might call it tampering with a mailbox.
which is a federal offense.
and stealing a letter to santa,
of all things!
cold hearted.

but she drew her very first picture
on the back!
a lovely, perfect
little picture of santa!
my barely 3-year-old!
i was in love!
and while she wasn't looking,
i confiscated the masterpiece
marveled at its genius
and filed it away for safe-keeping.

she'll forgive me someday, right?
i mean, i did,
for the record,
make a photo copy of the front
to seal up and send off to the north pole.
nobody ever told me
that santa doesn't take photo copies. . .

Thursday, December 17, 2009


dear pea pod:
it was exactly three years ago
that i was here in this house
caring for another newborn:
otherwise known as your sister.
now as sweet as she was
(and is),
she exacted of me
one back-breaking 45-minute session
of rocking every single night.
i would sing to her
every single christmas song
i could come up with.
and when i'd finally sung
all 108 of them,
i'd tiptoe down the stairs
and carefully and skillfully
place her in bed,
taking care not to screw up,
or we were to start
on christmas song #83 again.

now you, my dear son,
are another story.
are what is sometimes known as
a dream.
when it's your bedtime,
i wrap you up tight,
kiss your little cheeks
to get my fill,
sing you a couple of christmas tunes
just for my own pleasure,
and lay you down in my bed,
with your eyes still open.
then i tear myself away from you,
and you nod off to sleep
all by your very self.
like i said, dream.
just don't wake me from it.

but what i have to tell you,
dear boy,
is that i have thoroughly enjoyed
being bed partners for these six weeks.
i have loved going to sleep
next to you,
and waking to your little grunts
and whimpers.
but after tonight,
i regret to say,
you are being replaced
by your father.
you won't go far,
and you can come back to visit,
but i must say,
i am looking forward
to having my old bed partner back.

but don't you quit
being my dream.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

project #5

now don't get me wrong.
ikea does have some finds.
but it's not without
its disadvantages.
one of them being,
you buy their bed,
and you're stuck with their sheets.
sheets which may, from time to time,
be mistaken for sandpaper.

and so after buying those cute beds
for the girls,
i was then relegated
to making my own sheets for them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


it's been one of their favorites--
something they looked forward to
every monday and friday morning.

when their only swimming experience
was on those couple of vacations
we take a year,
i figured america was also
the perfect opportunity
to get them some cheap swim lessons.
they were virtually on the same level,
so we stuck them together
in some private lessons with roberta.
i even wondered if avi
would do better than milla,
as she was unhindered by fear
like milla was.
but milla quickly passed her up,
after avi refused to get into the water
for lessons 2, 3, and 4.
she finally got back into it
and has made great progress.
but milla.
what a champ!
to see her swimming
a good 10 feet on her own. . .

it's beautiful.
and i lament the fact
that the last lesson will be friday.
is our time here
really drawing to a close?

Monday, December 14, 2009

in this spot

in this spot
quite exactly
3 years ago. . .

three painfully short
years ago. . .
oh where, oh where
does the time go?

Friday, December 11, 2009

friday favorite

been searching for one like this
for years.
i love this j.crew number
that arrived this week.
and happy to be leaving on a
weekend getaway to break it in!

have a lovely one, yourself!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

project #4

the first time
we took milla to paris
she was five months old.
and i remember a friend saying to me,
"oh, she's going to hate you
for that someday!"


"because she'll never remember it!"

yes, i'm pretty sure
she doesn't remember that trip.
but that was inspiration
for project #4:
the travel journal.

lest she forget!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

jingle bells

it seems
four score and three years ago
we bought her that little 1/16.
and it was something like
six score and two years ago
that she started asking for one

we searched and we combed moscow
to try to find a teacher for her.
in vain.
russians subscribe more
to the attitude:
"you want to play violin?
go to music school
and make it your life."
instead of the
"we'd love it if she learned
to play the violin"
attitude that we have.

but i did know
that our attitude is a bit more
commonplace in a place like america.
and so we brought
the little number with us.
and upon arrival
pronto found ourselves
a lovely instructor
to take upon herself--

and what has 2 1/2 months of lessons
(and patience and persistence)
yielded us?
a happy little girl
that can
whip out not only
twinkle, twinkle,
but jingle bells
and santa claus is coming to town.
a mother that gets so proud
when she listens
that she loses her breath.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pillow notes

with a grandma under the weather
and the advent calendar's instruction
to "do an act of service,"
it seemed only fitting
to finally induct them into
the art of pillow notes.

and i know that finding those surprises
tucked under their pillows
for my parents
was oh-so-reminiscent
of some 25 years ago
when i was the little one
so lovingly crafting my own messages,
usually when they were gone for the evening.
i'm pretty sure they loved
coming home to find them,
in fact, i'm pretty sure some have them
have even survived the years,
buried somewhere
in my mother's keepsakes.

and now i pass on
this happy tradition.

Monday, December 7, 2009

santa's house

the weather conditions
made our little trek to the clubhouse
ideally romantic.

and directly upon arrival
the anticipated guests
gave us such a warm greeting.
and while santa himself
made avi a little nervous,
she was glad for the female version
sitting nearby with her peppermint candy earrings.
she opted to jump into this lap.

while both shy and giddy milla
took a minute to warm up
(hiding behind mama)
but then jumped into
santa himself's lap.

i was proud to hear them
state only one wish each.
even when they were asked,
"is that all?"
(though that doesn't mean
when i take her to michael's
she isn't picking up every single item
and telling me she wants it for christmas.
even that mailbox her same height
that she drug to me
from another aisle.
"now that, milla,
is a necessity.")

milla asked for
a princess sticker book,
and avi "ice skating."
(she's never been)

we then proceeded to enjoy
sipping hot cocoa
and eating treats
as the snow continued to fall around us.

milla put her wish
into written form
to hand to santa,
so he wouldn't forget.

and then we made the trek back home.

"mama, i really liked santa's house."
"i love santa."
"i love that girl, that i sit on her lap."
"that was mrs. claus, avi."
"yeah, that's santa's cousin."

Friday, December 4, 2009

the tree

there really is
about having a christmas tree
in the house.
instant romance.
instant coziness.
instant festivity.
instant spirit.
instant cheer.
instant magic.

and putting it up
is half the fun.

and when all the lights are down
and there's nothing but the glow
from the tree--
now that's worth waiting for
all year long.