Tuesday, January 13, 2009


and as it was
by the time i got them
into bed last night
i foolishly believed
somehow that would get them
to sleep through the night
(okay, at least more than 3 hours).

come 3:30?
i was fast asleep.
when somebody's biological clock
was urging them awake.
soon we had two wound-up
little rascals
wrestling on our bed.

and as the rule was,
no lights
and i wasn't just going to
lay there in the dark
doing nothing
i had my little clip-on
reading light
which attracted them
and their books and toys
and energy
like a magnet.

and i passed the 5 hours
(at least the part that wasn't spent
trying to sing them back to sleep
in vain,
or answering the 40th cry for help,
or giggling as avi stood on me
and then jumped off
on the count of 3)
scrambling to finish off
the master and margarita.

now much to my dismay,
i am not the big reader
i have been in the past.
part of the problem being
i always seem to choose books
that scarce 
hold my interest.
this is the fastest
i've read a book in years.

thus, i find it my civic duty
to recommend it to you.
and i hope your reading
is a bit more peaceful
than mine was.


Amy said...

Uncanny timing...I'm about to finish the second "eh" book I've read in a row, and need something great to read next! :)

Susan said...

This is the fastest book you've read in years?? I started it last week and just couldn't stay with it--not even for the ole 100 page rule. I think I have a lacking translation (by Mirra Ginsberg). I'll try again, though, based on your recommendation but you must let me jazz up your reading list by making some suggestions of my own! LU