Wednesday, January 7, 2009

bace bar

it had been 2 years
since these cousins
last saw each other.
back then 2-year-old luke
was busy counting backward
from 100 and typing 'elephant'
and they had no interest
in playing with one another.

this time around
they have gotten on splendidly
and were "best friends"
within minutes of the reunion.

and cute luke and his
genius IQ
are busy writing stories
these days.

and when he was busy
transcribing that movie
from memory

he even let milla help a bit.

"which one's bace bar?"

"don't press period until we're done."

"which one's ere?"


Mindi said...

That's the only bummer about living far from cousins... isn't it so fun to see them interact? Well, if he's a whiz on the computer, he'll be easy to Skype when you get back! :) Great memories are ahead. Glad you are still enjoying yourselves.

OnGod'sErrand said...

It does my heart such good to see the smiles on their faces. They're truly kindred spirits as well as cousins.