Friday, January 2, 2009

blacksmith fork

and there was this place
called blacksmith fork canyon

where you bundle

you hop in a sleigh

and you get up close and personal
with a herd of elk.

oh, and some clydesdales.

do you think they got offended
when avi called them ponies?


brighton said...

Small world! :) My parents live literally 10 minutes from Blacksmith Fork Canyon... we were visiting up there as well until just a couple days ago. Hardware Ranch is a fun place to visit! :)

Susan said...

Hey Jen! William and I do a 10 mile run there every July 4! It's fun to see it covered in snow! Love you.

Marilyn said...

Hi! I have successfully found and viewed your "blog"! Next goal; to send a comment. I love the photos of all of you; The tired-kid photos are especially cute, but I hope they are both back to their energetic selves soon. Love you guys!