Friday, January 9, 2009


the first time
i lived in russia
it was only four months.
i came home
kissing the ground at the flagpole
of the u.s. of a.
now granted,
back then it was only a few years
after the fall of the u.s.s.r.
and it was a far different land
than the russia i know today.

but this time,
after living abroad for 3 years,
was the first time i came home
feeling almost like
a stranger
in my own homeland--
so far removed
from american culture.
but of course
there are a few things
i will miss about this place,
despite the positive changes
made in that distant land
i now call my home.

and i can't nearly give
an exhaustive list,
but to name a few:

potable tap water
left turns
root beer
health food stores
service with a smile
the odd 50-degree day mid-winter
wide open roads
a general understanding
of what "good value" means
parking lots!

a laundry room
with separate washer and dryer.

and now it may not be
to name everything i won't miss
but let it be known
radio stations
that still play ace of base
are tops on that list.

goodbye america!!!


Mindi said...

We'll miss you Jen (& Alex and girls)... and will look forward to the next time we meet again! In which country/town this time? :) We'll let you know where we end up going next summer/fall.. how fun if we could swing it.

And enjoy the Alps... I will be sad to have to miss it... and everyone. Love to you.. thanks again for the doll, Jack loves it.

Becky Cox said...

All right now, be fair, I personally have fairly recently heard Ace of Base played (albeit in a taxi) on a russian radio station. AND the cabbie sang along IN ENGLISH with an Azerbaijani accent.

Amidei's said...

It must be amazing to watch the changes that have happened in Russia over the last 10-15 years. But then again, America has gone through changes of our own. I know one thing for sure...we miss having you close. Come back soon!

Shannon said...

Miss you already...sad we didn't get to spend much time together to REALLY is such a whirlwind isn't it? Maybe next time...

Shannon said...

I've been looking through all our ILP/Europe pics and journals for the first time in about 10 years since you and everyone were over and it's been fun to be reminded of so many things I'd completely forgotten! We were a bit crazy and VERY naieve! Glad we survived.

Spider43 said...

Wow, I can't beleive it is you. I was looking at old missionary profiles and found you, Sister Wilson and Elder Borden. You may remember me from the MTC. You certainly have had an entertaining life. I'm happy to see you have a wonderful family. I'm married with two kids as well.

Ryan Thompson

Susan said...

Sorry we didn't get to talk again before you left. I promise to get skype up and running. "All That She Wants" and "It's a Beautiful Life" are perfect for ipod running!

Charity said...

We missed seeing you! I am sure things were busy and you were being pulled in a 100 different directions. We may just have to come see you over in Moscow as we make our way to the Urals in June. Keep us posted on how you guys are. How time flies...

Kizzycakes said...

i know you really wanted to say Training Table in addition to Applebees, but i guess it's all the same. we loved seeing you and wish it could happen more often. who knows, maybe a trip to moscow one day -- although shannon does not recommend it! what do ya think? glad to see you made it home ok.

anj said...

i am so pleased that my washer and dryer made your famous blog!! i am so glad that it was clean in there. usually lots of folded laundry piled to the ceiling! we miss you guys!! and by the way, we have only found 1 pair of avi's socks which you left. i'd say that's pretty good for having stayed for 2 weeks! don'[t worry, jace is getting good use out of them for now. hee hee.