Thursday, January 15, 2009


this is called
cootie for distraction.

distraction from exhaustion.

now you know
i'm not a drinker.
so i wouldn't know
what a hangover feels like.
but i do remember
those college days
of staying out all night
and then going to work the next day
hating myself all the way,
for inflicting upon myself
such pain.

and now i'm experiencing 
something uncannily similar.
the hangover from the trip
to america.

here i thought each year
would be easier,
i mean,
they are a year older, 
more mature, right?
forget it.
milla has kept me up until
7 am the last two nights.
and not that she's just up
peacefully playing
because she can't sleep.
she is causing trouble,
turning on lights,
screaming, crying,
making quite sure
nobody is getting any sleep.

i'd take a newborn over this any day.

now i know you're sick
of hearing about this.
but i'm sick of living it.
am i swearing off another trip
to america?

but ask me again next week.


Mindi said...

I kind of feel the same thing after returning from our Christmas trip... we are staying home next year! We aren't hungover or jetlagged or mixing up our days and our nights... it was just a bit more stressful (less relaxing) than Christmas should be.

We hope, over time, you forget how painful your recovery has been, and come back for another visit. Let's meet somewhere else exciting! :) We can talk more about it next year... when things are back to normal (not that I hope/think it will be next year before things are back on schedule for you). :)

Good luck!

Susan said...

Hang in there, Jen! (I forgot all about the Cootie game--cool)

OnGod'sErrand said...

You can totally solve the jet-lag, switching time zone problem by making a permanent move back to the good ol' USA. The land of left turn lanes and root beer.

jolie fleur said...

Up til 7 am??? That is madness! I'll bet you're exhausted. I hope you get some rest.

Melissa said...

Now don't do something you might regret. No more trips to America? Don't make us ALL suffer!

anj said...

but your visit was soooooo worth it!!! i am sorry about the lag though. i think this constitutes the good old tacky slang phrase...that sux! : )