Thursday, January 8, 2009

jam session

when your brother marries
a professional musician
sometimes you get invited
to her jam sessions.

1 upright bass
2 banjos
3 mandolins
1 fiddle
2 guitars
1 bazooki
2 dancing toddlers
and 3 hours
of jaw-dropping talent

check out


christine said...

oh, man! i'm bummed we missed out on that! the kids loved it the last time we got to hear them jam. they're awesome!

anjobanjo said...

the best part was watching milla "jam" with us on her guitar hero guitar! she rocked!!!!

JaneH said...

What a fun evening. We have heard them play a couple of Bluegrass festivals. They are really great. I love to hear Anj sing.

OnGod'sErrand said...

When is that CD coming out??? Can't wait to rock out to that. It is great that our kids married such talented and beautiful people.