Tuesday, January 27, 2009

late visit

there comes a time
in every little girl's life
when she needs
her own kitchen.

as i noticed on the america trip
that nearly every house we visited
had a play kitchen for the kids,
i made note
that that kitchen request
we put in to grandfather frost
was perfect timing.

and though he had a little delay,
his deposit was finally made.

and we had a hard time
wiping the smile off the little faces
for quite some time.

and of course our play
is not without fights
over who gets to pull the pizza out
or which eggs are already cooked

but that goes with the territory.

(and our apartment just got 
that much smaller. . .)


Sue said...

Those little girls of yours are enchanting, and so is their new kitchen. I hope they spend many magical hours playing in it.

JaneH said...

I wish we could just drop in for milk and cookies with the little ladies. What fun the will have cooking up all sorts of fancy things.

Susan said...

European play kitchens are much more attractive than the American PlaySchool variety!

LKC said...

Is that the one from ELC? So cute! The big question is... Where did you put it? Girls' room i'm guessing.

lyn said...

oh - cute! they have that same kitchen here at (of all places) Costco. Kate is too young, but I think it is such a cute kitchen!!