Monday, January 19, 2009


and now if you'll allow me
to be way too general
for a moment,
i'll tell you that
russians are wonderful hosts
and americans
at an american's house
you're lucky to get offered
a glass of water.
(now don't go getting offended)
at a russian's?
you're lucky to get out
the same weight you walked in.

today olya invited us
to her humble place.
she's been to ours a million times,
and thus it came our turn
to be the guests.
after a rousing time
on the sleds and playgrounds outside
in the freshly fallen snow
we came inside
to warm soup
and delicacies

we went through all of her stuff

checked under the tree
for any forgotten presents

turned non-children's books
into children's books
with sheer talent

played with puppets
that squealed and had tongues
that shot out like
chameleons catching flies

and tried on her glasses
as we were leaving
to keep the mischief up
all the way out the door.

and thus left
with waning energy,
a few pounds heavier,
fond memories,
and more resolution
to host like a russian.

1 comment:

anj said...

wow, do i feel like a terrible american host! i hope i wasn't expected to juggle, light my hair on fire, and offer a full service buffet during your 2 week stay...hmmmm. ;) next time, i'll be sure to pull out all the stops! on the other hand, i think this gives a good "excuse" to come out and visit you in russia and see how it should be done.