Monday, February 9, 2009

cat theatre

and of course
i don't know everything,
but i'm going to go ahead
and assume
that there are not too many
cat theatres
in the world.

we went to one.
(i.e. always wanted to go,
but spur-of-moment-decision),
lucked out with
the last two tickets,
good seats.

okay, i'll admit,
5 minutes into it
i asked alex
if he could sit through
an hour and a half of this. . .

but hey, why not?
i mean, cats can do a couple of things.
like walk up a ramp,
ride a bike (sort of),
jump a bit,
and sit in precarious places.
yes, the show was half clowns

but you had to keep it 
lively somehow.

cat theatre,


JaneH said...

This is a new one for me. Never been to a "Cat Theatre" I would be willing - but I can't even dream of Quen sitting thru it. Good for you Alex.

sydney said...

You're right, there aren't so much cat theaters in the world' but boy you're lucky!!

Davian said...

How do you guys find these things? Seriously. I want to do stuff like this.

Shannon said...

hilarious!! only in Russia! CAT theatres! Come on people...that's getting desperate.