Monday, February 23, 2009

gray days

in my ever gray world
(okay i know the end will come
i've come up with 3 positive things
about this lovely season:

1. coat pockets.
you never have to go fumbling 
for your car keys.
2. cold cars.
you can leave your groceries
in them all
3. leather driving gloves.
all those colds and flus
living on door handles?
not going to get
through these babies.

how bad can this season be?
is this a stretch?


Mindi said...

Stretch or not.. if it's the attitude you need to maintain your sanity.

MwH said...

Stretching's good for ya right :)? And isn't grey the new black?

OnGod'sErrand said...

I totally understand the GRAY! But, my viewpoint has changed too. When it's cloudy, it's not as cold. It seems to hold what little bit of heat there is in. Always look on the bright side.