Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hippie natasha

when we first walked in
to "auntie natasha's" group
i thought,
isn't it about time
for some new toys?

but upon closer observation
i realized
that natasha may 
more suitably be named
"hippie natasha."
she makes almost all the toys herself,
and you won't find anything
but 100% natural
in her room.

we play with crocheted cotton
and felted wool balls

handmade dolls 
and puppets

watch her fairy tale shows
that she masterfully performs

ride on her horsies
made of old woolen socks
while she plays the guitar and sings
(avi's favorite part)

and then play with warm wax
on a slice of tree

she's made me want
go home and toss out all our
cursed plastic toys.

but i think will
keep wearing my bra. . .


Sue said...

My d-i-l recently threw out all of her plastic toys, and she is loving the new play experience. (Like you, I believe she is hanging on to her bra.)


Mindi said...

Sounds like a place just perfect for you!! Great ideas to bring home and create at your home. Do share when you have created another something fabulous!

di said...

the horsies are incredible!

JaneH said...

I don't know Jen, They tell me that wearing a Bra cuts off your creativity. The toys are great.