Thursday, February 19, 2009

honey fair

they call it
the honey fair.
and it's serious business.

especially for those
thousands of senior citizens
donned in their
fur hats and fur coats
buzzing around those
hundreds of kiosks
like bees themselves,
wholly convinced of the
medicinal properties of honey.

i may not be convinced,
but i am a fan
of the honey fair.
every type of honey
you ever dreamed of,
from every last corner of russia.
you taste and try,
compare and try again,
until you feel like
you've swallowed a 5-pound bag
of sugar in one sitting,
and then you make your way out
of that bustling beehive
with your 5 pounds
of fresh honey.


happyfamily said...

I love that you get out to do so many things in your city. I would love to go to the honey fair!

Susan said...

A honey fair? What a dream come true...I am coming to Moscow before you leave!