Thursday, February 5, 2009


things get pretty treacherous
this time of year.
or should i say,
sometimes you take your
life into your hands
by walking out your front door.

you never know
when they're going to be out there
cleaning snow and ice out of the gutters
6 floors up.
in other words,
knocking off skull-size blocks of ice
which go hurtling downwards
picking up speed as they go
until they either thud
as they hit the sidewalk
or smash
into a hundred pieces.

they do try to warn you
as you come out that front door. 

but i very clearly remember
one time last year
when i opened the front door
to someone yelling to me,
"hurry hurry hurry!"
waving me into the street
with great alarm.
and as i bolted away from the sidewalk
a chunk of ice
the size of my head
landed right next to me.
if i believed in crossing myself,
i would have at that moment.

and that layer of ice
that covers the sidewalk
here and there and everywhere?

well that
just makes you 
thank your lucky stars
that it gets above freezing sometimes.

1 comment:

Amy Asay said...

Oh, man, ya you need to come to London. Nothing liek *that*!! Glad you're still alive :-)