Friday, February 27, 2009


dear milla,

you really killed me
a couple weeks ago
when you told me you wanted
to go see big ben.
at that point you were
fully unaware
that i would soon be leaving you
to go see it myself.
so i took this picture for you
and only you.
with the promise that
you will see it yourself someday.

they tell me you are doing
perfectly fine
without me there.
i say,
"what?  they don't miss us?"
but dasha says,
"you're crazy.  do you want them
to miss you?"
"um, ye-ah!"

but i will soon walk back
through our front door
ready for a big hug
bearing lots of gifts for you,
and anxious to tell you
all about big ben.
be a good girl
until then.

love, mama


Mindi said...

so jealous! hope you are enjoying yourselves...

LKC said...

I know London is wonderful, but please, please don't get any thoughts about moving there. At least not until I do.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Milla is soooooooo lucky to have you for a mom. She'll hold you to that promise I know. She is already one of the best-traveled 4 year olds I know. Glad you're enjoying your get-away.